Little Girl Eagerly Waits For The School Bus So She Can Give A Huge Hug To Her Older Brother!

This little girl eagerly waits for the school bus so she can give a huge hug to her older brother.

A home filled and built up with love is a home that can stand up amidst struggles and tests. Aside from our parent’s love, nothing is sweeter than the sibling’s love for each other. Our siblings are not just our brothers and sisters, they could be our best friends. They’re shoulders that we could lean on, ears that will listen and mouth that could encourage us. If we just realize, our brothers and sisters are more than what we think they are!

These particular siblings recently make many smiles because of their sweet after-school routine.

Every afternoon, this little girl eagerly waits for the school bus to stop so she can run to his older brother and give him a huge hug.

On the clip, you can see that this little girl eagerly waits for the school bus to stop in front of her house and waits for her brother to step off. You might probably think that these two were separated for a long time but her brother had only gone to his kindergarten for a few hours. LOL!

This heartwarming moment happens every day and the two seems to love each other much.

Like any other relationships, petty fights and misunderstanding are common to siblings. It is inevitable for brothers and sisters to get into quarrels and arguments. But one thing is for sure, people will leave you but not your siblings, not your parents, nor your family. If you haven’t shown love to your siblings for a long time, take this time to give them a hug and say the sweetest word you forget to say to them for a long time.

Watch the video of these cute siblings below:

Little girl greets big brother with hugs every day after school

Guaranteed to brighten your day!

Posted by Rumble on Friday, February 17, 2017

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