Bride Apologizes To Their Guests After Her Groom Didn’t Appear On The Day Of Their Wedding.

This bride apologizes to their guests after her groom didn’t appear on the day of their wedding.

Some couples who have been together for years and are sure of each other tend to bring their relationship to another level. They finally decide to tie the knot and make a family of their own. With all the wedding preparations, the couples wanted that this most awaited day will be perfect and memorable. And now that people are socially-inclined, they want to broadcast their love stories and wedding plans by sharing it on social media.

But that’s not the case for other couples. There are instances where though they are together for years, they still broke up and part ways. But the pain of breaking up is incomparable to the pain you will get if your soon-to-be husband didn’t show up on the day of your wedding. This is exactly what happened to this bride who was jilted by her soon-to-be husband.

The 24-year-old Manow Jutathip Nimnual was so excited as her wedding day fast approaching. She was engaged to 20-year-old Phakin Junjerm whom she met shortly before he proposed to her. The wedding was a dream wedding as both of their families spent so much on the preparations.

You would think that these two were celebrities because their wedding plans were posted on social media, they also had billboard posts across the town, inviting hundreds of people to attend their wedding.

Phakin was supposed to give a dowry of 300,000 baht as the custom, they gave him a big discount and only asked for 200,000 baht. Everyone was so excited about the wedding especially when Manow constantly updates her friends about the upcoming wedding on social media.

On the day of their wedding, Manow decided to live stream everything that was going on while she waited for her groom to come. But a few hours later, the bride realized that she had been stood up because Phakin is nowhere to be seen. She then went to the stage and apologizes to hundreds of the guests present at their wedding.

Later, it was revealed that Manow caught her soon-to-be husband with another woman a week before the wedding. But Phakin explained that he was just explaining to the woman that he will be getting married soon. Also, Phakin’s family claimed that they had run out of cash in the wedding preparations and could only give 60,000 baht ($1,800), the night before the wedding. But since Manow loves Phakin that much, she agreed and didn’t care about the dowry.

The video earned more than 5 million views on the day it was posted. Many netizens sympathize and comforted Manow.

Weddings might be the most awaited day for couples but that doesn’t mean it should be expensive or lavish. What’s important is the fact that the couples love each other and they wanted to make their relationship be forever.

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Posted by Manow Jutathip Nimnual on Saturday, July 21, 2018

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