Woman Created A DIY Cooking Grill Made From Banana Tree Trunk

This woman creates a DIY cooking grill from banana tree trunk.

As the years passed, our technologies are becoming advanced and efficient that makes our lives easier. People are now dependent of these technologies in everything they do. However, there are still people who are resourceful and innovative on creating useful things only using primitive tools.

Just like this woman who builds something very useful, only using materials around her. Instead of buying a stove or cooking machine, this woman came up on something creative and fascinating.

Her video was posted on Facebook and quickly went viral. Many people got fascinated and amazed.

On the video, she showed that using simple materials found at home, she can build something that can help her cook a whole chicken.

First, she demonstrate how to use the grill she created by cooking the chicken. When she was done, she then showed how she created the DIY cooking grill.

She started off by gathering trunks of banana tree and sliced it into different pieces. From there, she made a small piece of wood as her nail to put together the pieces to make a platform for her grill.

She then collect materials for the next part of her grill which is the watermill. She used the watermill to help turn the chicken after it is skewered and set on the base of her grill.

She put all the pieces together and builds her own grill. She put some charcoal on the grill and skewer the chicken then start cooking by putting the set into the river.


By using her creative cooking grill, you could came up with a delicious chicken while relaxing beside the river.

Watch the video below:

Simply lang pala pag nag chicken grill 😆🍺🍻

Posted by Lynaci Ramsej on Thursday, July 12, 2018

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