ONLY IN JAPAN: Koi Fish Lives In Some Drainage Canals In Japan.

Some drainage canals in Japan are so clean that even Koi fish lives there.

What comes into your mind when you first heard that ‘koi fish could live in a drainage canal in Japan’. You would probably be surprised and ask, ‘the water might be so clean in that drainage canal’. When we say drainage canal, it only means that it is a dirty and foul-smelling area and we would rather avoid it. Can you imagine how drainage canals turned into a tourist attraction? Crazy right?

After looking at the photos below, you would probably exclaim: ‘Japan is really amazing!’.

In some drainage canals in Japan, koi fish and other species actually live there because it’s just so clean. You might be thinking if how drainage canals are that clean but well, this might be a proof that it is actually clean.

Photos of these amazing drainage canals in Japan went viral on the web. This makes internet users praise Japanese people for their beautiful towns and clean canals.

In fact, these canals actually turned into tourist spots by their own right. Many people actually visit these place just to see for themselves. You would certainly add this to your next trip or itinerary.

But I can’t stop thinking if this is really true. But did you know that Koi fish is actually one species of carp and carp, generally speaking, they can live anywhere with water, even populated water? Yes, you read it right! It might be just mean that these drainage canals has enough ‘populated’ nutrients which is good for koi to live.

After reading this truth, what do you have in mind? I know this might be a little disappointing because you probably got amazed by this unique attraction. But I think what will be more amazing is when all drainage canals in the world are clean, right?

Watch the video below:

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