Male Teacher Took Care Of His Student’s Baby So She Could Focus On Taking Her Exam.

This male teacher earned recognition after taking care of his student’s baby so she could focus on taking her exam.

Unwanted pregnancy is one of the factors why many teenagers and young adults left school. It is very alarming how quickly the rate of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines is rising.

Based on the 2014 data from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA), one baby is being delivered every hour by a teenage mom. In addition, the study shows that around 14 percent of Filipino girls aged 15 to 19 are either pregnant for the first time or are already mothers, more than twice the rate recorded in 2002, according to the 2014 YAFS data.

World Health Organization (WHO) also revealed that about 16 million girls between the ages of 15-19, and around 1 million girls under 15 years old give birth each year.

The Inquirer. Net stated in an article that among six major economies in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Philippines has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies and is the only country where the rate is increasing, per the United Nations Population Fund.

May-i Fabros, Youth Commissioner of the Philippine Commission on Women, said that 600 live births a day are registered under teenage mothers. What’s more disturbing is the fact that 15% of intimate encounters for teens below 15 years old are forced; 5% for those between 15-19 years old.

In our society today, these young moms are objects of discrimination and being shunned, calling them names such as a mistake or having no future. While some young mothers feel embarrassed to go back to school, there are others who can’t afford to go to school while taking care of their baby. Consequently, poverty devours not just them but also affecting the future of the baby.

While other call the baby a mistake and judge the young parents, let’s be kind enough to push them a little to finish their studies for the sake of their future.

In connection to that, a teacher recently got viral after taking care of his student’s baby so she could take her exam. The said teacher is from Gov. Felicisimo T. San Luis National Agro-Industrial High School in Siniloan, Laguna.

While having their exam that day, the young mom has a hard time because she brought her baby with her. So Sir Leodel Narvaez took the child from his student so she could pay full attention to her exam.

One netizen captured the heartwarming moment and was uploaded on social media. Facebook user Ystefanie Lenin Suazo said on her post:

“Lodi talaga! Habang nagku-quiz yung nanay, si Sir muna ang nag-alaga nung baby. Mahalin natin ang mga gurong katulad ni Sir. Thumbs up.”

Many netizens praised the action of the teacher, saying that it could encourage young parents to do well in class and thrive to finish their studies for the sake of their future.

So instead of judging them even worse, let’s give them the chance to turn their lives around and change a “mistake” into a blessing. A little encouragement will do!

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