Parents Thought They Received A Brand New LED TV. But When They Opened It, They Were Shocked Seeing What’s Inside!

Recently, a Facebook user named Jocas Ramos shared how his family was so close to each other as most Filipino have. Their strong bond and deep relationship with each other resulted to pranking their parents. This will surely make you laugh!

Source: The Reader’s File

He posted series of photos of the prank or the big surprise gift they had for their beloved parents!

The caption read:

“Happy Silver Anniversary Mom and Dad!! We Love You!!! You liked our surprise?”.

Source: The Reader’s File

As you can see in the photos, they blindfolded their mother, making sure that she didn’t see the surprise. Her two sons were holding a box of a flat screen television. Their mother was greatly surprised with her children’s extravagant gift.

Source: The Reader’s File

The photos also show that their mother is filled with excitement and probably thinking that it’s what the box says, a brand new LED TV. She initiates the act of opening the gift as it was seen in the photo using a scissor to easily cut the tape that was used to enclose the box. As she was finally done cutting the tape she opened the box and lift the styrofoam that covers what was really inside.

Source: The Reader’s File

But the room was filled with disappointment after they realized that the box does not really contain a television. Instead of a television, the box includes a foldable wooden table that they use for drinking beer.

The post went viral on social media and bring laughter to many netizens. It already gained 6,000 reactions and 3,000 shares as of writing.

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