Japanese Students Made A New World Record For The Most Skips Over A Single Rope For One Minute By A Team!

You will not believe how fast these talented Japanese students skip.

When we were kids, one of the most common games we play is jumping rope or skipping rope. This game needs two people to hold and sway the rope and a person who will jump to skip the rope. All you need is the coordination of your wrists, legs, and jump. This is also one of the most common workout lessons taught in P.E class.

If it is played in a single manner, that would be easy. However, skipping rope over a single rope in the fastest pace you can by a team is a whole different thing.

While playing it with a team is hard for most of us, a team of primary school students in Fuji, Japan just made the latest world record for the most skips over a single rope by a team.

According to Guinness World Records, the team of 14 students from E-Jump Fuji team completed a total of 230 skips in just one minute. What’s more surprising is that the previous record of 225 skips
was also made by the same team. Amazing right?

The skipping routine started with two girls holding the rope at each end and when they began to swing the rope, 12 skippers swiftly hopped through the rope.

Then, other hopped through the rope in a figure-eight arrangement, creating the fastest and effective way to skip as fast as they could to achieve the set goal. The students can be heard chanting motivational words while completing the world record.

The video of the team went viral on the web and many internet users praised their talent and in-sync teamwork.

Watch the video below:

Most Skips Over A Single Rope In One Minute By A Team

Perfect timing and breathtaking teamwork – the kids of E-jump Fuji in Japan are back 🙌

Posted by Guinness World Records on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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