A Barkada Went Viral On Social Media After Buying All Jollibee Menu

This “barkada” bought all the menu in Jollibee and went viral on social media.

In the Philippines, Jollibee is the most popular fast food chain and this is where most families chose to celebrate every event of their lives. It is known for their classic Pinoy food, mouth-watering, juicylicious chickenjoy, and their sweet spaghetti, where both young and adults are a fan of.

Image: Facebook/Shantelle Jade Abella Suarez

Recently, a group of friends became trending after buying everything on the menu of Jollibee.

Image: Facebook/Shantelle Jade Abella Suarez
Image: Facebook/Shantelle Jade Abella Suarez

Facebook user Shantelle Jade Abella Suarez posted on Facebook photos and videos of her experience with 4 other friends when they decided to eat everything Jollibee has to offer. The meal cost them a whopping P6,570 pesos for 5 people.

She captioned the post:

“We just bought everything on the Jollibee menu. Please notice us Jollibee, uubusin namin to haha.”

As of writing, the photos garnered over 8,000 reactions and 8,500 shares while their video has reached 1,1000 reactions, 341 shares, and 31,000 views.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Shantelle Jade Abella Suarez on Friday, January 5, 2018

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