Viral Photos Of A Dog Sitting Like A Human Inside The Jeep, Amused Everyone!

This dog sitting like a human inside the jeep went viral on social media after amusing everyone.

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend because they can easily create a bond and close relationship with their owners. They are sweet, cuddly, loyal and a protector. Unlike any other creatures, dogs can be easily tamed and trained to do some amusing tricks.

But have you seen animals acting like a human? That’s quite amusing to see right.

Recently, photos of a dog that sat like a human being while riding a jeep went viral after these were posted on social media.


The said photos were posted on the Facebook page Doggie Fun Fair. According to the post, these photos were taken last year by a netizen named Derick Anne Mariano and was featured on Philippine Star.

Mariano revealed that the dog was riding the jeep with its owner while en route to Lardizabal Street in Manila.

It seems like the canine was used to ride on a public vehicle along with its owner because it knows how to position itself like a human being. You can also judge that the other passengers don’t mind that the dog is in their midst because it is just politely sitting.

Moreover, Mariano also added that the owner pays for the dog’s fare. Maybe that’s why the driver wasn’t bothered at all.

Many netizens were amused by the action of the dog that sits like a human inside the jeep. Some commenters also said that they are glad that other passengers didn’t complain about it. Probably, they were also stunned that a dog sits like them inside the public vehicle.

It’s really amazing to know that animals are on good terms with humans. However, we couldn’t set aside the fact that there are still people who are not in favor or will complain about this.

What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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