Terminally-Ill Girl Wished To Marry Her Best Friend. So Their Moms Worked To Fulfill It!

This terminally-ill girl wished to marry her best friend.

Marriage is for those who already made up their minds to settle down with the person they love. But if you think that marriage has the right age and time, you would consider the wish of this terminally-ill girl.

Unlike any other kid, Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone of Meriden, Connecticut was born with a broken heart which is considered as an irreparable heart condition. This only means that her condition is a lifetime affliction. Little Sophia was literally born with only a half heart and the right side of her heart was missing said her mother, Kristy Somerset-Chiappalone. Kristy is a single mom with two others girls, eight-year-old Alexandra and a seven-year-old Gabriella.

Doctors said that her life will not be more than 2 years but now, she is five years old. For 5 years, little Sophia already underwent 26 operations and 3 of those operations were open-heart surgery. Sophia will again undergo open-heart surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. This surgery will be quite risky for her because aside from her condition, she also having a respiratory problem.

Before her surgery, little Sophia asked one wish. Her wish? To marry her best friend, Hunter Laferriere.

Both of them went to a Vacation Bible Camp when they were three and became close friends since then. Kristy said that this time, her little girl knows what’s going on and she just wants to marry her best friend.

Tracey Laferriere, Hunter’s mon, said that when she knew about Sophia’s wish, she cried so much. She also added that she would do anything just to fulfill Sophia wish.

On Sophia’s big day at City Park, her wish will finally come to reality.

Kristy’s friend owns a Bridal Shop and she sent four bridal gowns for Sophia to choose from. Their wedding photoshoot was done by the photographer from Sassy Mouth Photography, Marisa Balletti-Lavoie.

As you can see from the photos, Sophia and Hunter’s happiness was clearly visible on their faces during the entire photoshoot.

Kristy said: “They went on the slides and swings, had a tickle fight…I think that’s what five-year-olds do when they get married.”

Kristy also added that she didn’t see Sophia happy like this for a very long time. She wants that both of them grow u together and marry each other when they are 24.

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