Teenager Got Angry After One Barber Did This Bad Haircut To Him, Went Viral Online!

This teenager got angry after one barber did this bad haircut to him!

For most men, a hairstyle is very essential in being presentable and good-looking. While some prefer to shave their hair off, some men, especially teenagers make sure to get a nice haircut to feel good and look good. Nobody wants a bad haircut right?

But sadly, this teenager seems like played by a barber who did this awful hairstyle that made him very angry.

This an unidentified teenager let all his emotion out after realizing that he had a shorter hair. Because of disappointment, he lashed out his anger and went ballistic inside the barbershop.

The 34-year-old witness David Smithson recorded the scene. With his interview with UNILAD, he said that the teenager wanted a “1.5 on top instead of back and sides.” Unfortunately, the barber misinterpreted his instructions.

On the short clip, the teenager could be seen cursing at the barber and people inside the barbershop got shocked seeing the teenager acting like that especially using foul language.

“You taking the p*ss? You taking the p*ss dickhead? I’ll knock you spark out. Do something big balls! Come outside! F*cking daft c*nt! I swear to God!”

The irate teenager directed his anger towards his mother whom he dragged and yelled again inside the barbershop. Mr. Smithson also said that the teenager was the one at fault.

“He came back in with his mum, holding his head like he had been injured. His mum kicked off at first but then when the hairdresser explained she sat the lad down. He was saying to his mum ‘are you going to f*cking walk into town and get me a hat then?”

“It was the lad’s fault. He wanted short back and sides but ended up leaving looking like a dry roasted peanut. The hairdressers shaved it all down to a grade one but you could still see the patch and he was told to go back in a couple of weeks after it had grown back”

Watch the video below:

Guy in the hairdressers just butchered some poor kid, the kid nearly knocked him out!!!!This content is exclusively managed by UNILAD to license or use this content please contact licensing@unilad.co.uk

Posted by David Brian Smithson on Thursday, July 26, 2018

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