Two Policemen Who Helped A Stranded Family In The Middle Of The Road, Earned Praise By Many Netizens!

These two policemen earned praise from netizens after helping a stranded family in the middle of the road.

The main job of every police is to maintain peace and apprehend law-breakers. They are the ones who protect every citizen of the country against evil-doers and provide 24-hour service. But for these two policemen, the scope of their job wasn’t just about these.

Recently, two kind policemen went viral on social media after giving aid to a stranded family in the middle of the road.

On a viral Facebook post, Kevin G Pacelo and his family were en route to a wedding when one of their tired went flat. What made it worse is that heavy rain started to poured down and one of them is sick. Thankfully, two policemen came to the rescue.

“While on our way to attend a wedding in Quezon, one of our tires got flat. It’s very unfortunate for my family since it was raining hard, I have fever, and obviously we were in wedding attires,” said in the post.

These two police officers luckily found them and assisted them. One of them formerly work at a vulcanizing shop and helped with the flat tire. The other one tends to the traffic.

“With God’s grace, 2 police officers pulled over and assisted us. One of them, a former vulcanizer, helped my dad with the tire. The other police helped with the traffic as seen on the photos.”

It also mentioned in the post that one passerby was amazed by what the policemen did and were about to give 500 pesos. However, the policemen refused to accept the money because they said that they’re just trying to help.

” One of the passersby, amazed as much as we are, stopped his vehicle and was giving the police money (500 pesos) just because his heart is touched with what’s happening, ‘I have never seen police officers doing what you’re doing right now. Please accept this money’. The guy was insisting but the police officers rejected his offer, because according to them, they’re just trying to help us.”

Read the full post below:

As of writing, the post garnered 12k mixed reactions and 5.8k shares.

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