One Customer At A Popular Fast Food Restaurant Leaves A Heartbreaking Note After Eating There For The Last Time.

This one customer left a heartbreaking note at a popular fast food restaurant after there for the last time.

Jollibee is one of the famous fast food restaurants not just in the Philippines but also to some countries. As a matter of fact, every Filipino, not just kids, love to eat here. Typically, Jollibee is the go-to place for families every weekend and also spend special occasions here.

With its popular slogan ‘Bida ang Saya’, whether individually, group or family bonding, you could expect that you will go home with a smile on your faces. There’s no doubt why Jollibee has definitely become part of every Filipino’s childhood.

On one branch of Jollibee located at Taguig City, an unidentified woman left a written note on the restaurant’s tissue paper that leaves every one teary eye.

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From Jollibee Signal Village, Mark Noguera, one of the Jollibee crew saw the said note and revealed the content of the note. He revealed that while one of his co-workers cleaned the table the woman used, the note caught his attention. Out of curiosity, they opened the tissue to read the rest of the content of the note.

On the note, she wrote:

“Pinagbawalan na akong kumain ng unhealthy foods ng doctor ko. Na-diagnosed kasi ako ng (redacted) stage 2. Sana gumaling agad ako para di ko masyadong mamiss ang pagkain dito. Thank you Jollibee, Sa uulitin”.

Mark Noguera mentioned that she remembers the face of the woman who wrote the letter. He said that she’s wearing glasses and assumed her age to be around 20s.

“To ate customer na nakasalamin na nasa 20+ palang yung age at kumain kanina sa Jollibee Signal Village around 3pm kanina , I recognize your face kasi ako po yung nagserve ng pagkain nyo, lahat po ng sakit gumagaling pray lang po tayo ng pray kay God kasi Sya yung Great Healer of All. Malalagpasan nyo po yan at gagaling kayo claim it po,” he wrote.

At the end of his post, he encouraged the woman to be strong and be positive. He even mentioned that if she again visits the store, he will treat the woman whatever she likes. He also asked people to include the woman in their prayers.

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