Inspiring Story Of A Mother Who Works As A Vegetable Vendor, Carries Her Teenage Child To Saved From Fare. 10 Years Later, This Is Their Life Now!

Her mother is a vegetable vendor. She’s the helper of her mom and because of that, she experienced such a great struggle that includes her mom carrying her despite her age to save from the fare. For the past 10 years of persistence, this is their life now!

Since their patriarch involved in an incident as a carpenter, Lyn’s mother was forced to double her toil to provide for her family’s expenses. That includes the maintenance medicine of her father because he has a liver disease. Aside from doing laundry every afternoon, her mother sells vegetables every morning until noon.

The 13-year-old teenager is the firstborn of the 5 children and her siblings that followed her was very young. When there is no class, she helps her mom in selling vegetables.

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“Buti nandyan ka anak, ang bibigat kasi ng mga kamote. Hindi ko kayang mag isa lahat, ikaw na lang dito sa bilao at akin ang timba,” said her mom early in the morning while getting ready to leave the house.

They are selling all day long and she was happy with the soft drink and biscuit her mom bought her as a reward in helping her.

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“O, ubusin mo na yan ha,magtutubig na lang ako sa bahay hindi ako masyado sa softdrinks,” said her tired mom while smiling, took a bite on the biscuit and handed it to her.

“Nay, hati tayo diba?” Lyn said.

She knew that her mother was also hungry and no matter how she insists, her mother won’t take it because she was happy seeing her child fed. The two ride on the jeep because her mom’s waist was hurting.

“Magpaliit ka, halika dito,” said her mom.

That’s what they usually do when they ride a jeep, Lyn was carried by her mom though she was already a teenager.

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In this, they can save from the fare and it can be added to buy rice. Every peso is equivalent to the long walk of her mother just to earn money who got hoarse in shouting every day.

“Ale, ang laki na ho niyan. Ibayad ninyo na ho,” said the driver.

It seems like the mother and child didn’t hear anything and seated at the end beside their pale and basket of vegetables.

10 years later…….

“Manang ilan pa ho iyang kamoteng natira sa inyo?” Lyn said to the old lady who is selling vegetables along with her little grandchild.

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“Dalawang plastic ho,kunin ninyo na?” the old lady said while smiling. The elderly was happy because finally, her vegetables were all sold and she can now go home with her grandchild.

“Oho,” Lyn replied. She paid for the vegetables and she didn’t get the change. In fact, Lyn doesn’t really love to eat kamote but this act was only to help the elderly woman. She knew that the old lady will not go home unless all were sold and that’s like her and mom before.

“Ipangbili mo ng biscuit ninyo ng lola mo ha?” she said to the little child.

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Lyn was so happy while looking at the elderly and her grandchild. She recalled that their life was likely the same as theirs before. But because she works hard and didn’t quit, she became a successful manager and she will never forget where she came from.

Hopefully, this will inspire us that thought life gives us struggles, we should not be down-hearted but rather, use these tests to strive more and make our lives better not just for our selves but also for our family. We are the protagonist of our own story and every protagonist wins in the end.

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