Two Resourceful Guys Made This Creative DIY Swimming Pool Without Using Modern Tools.

Because of climate change caused by global warming, people are making all their efforts to ease themselves from the scorching heat and sticky sweats. People have mostly seen either dipping themselves in the pool, spending in an air-conditioned room, or going to mountain resorts.

Building your dream project requires both money and effort. Because nothing comes free nowadays, some people are becoming more resourceful and just managed to create something by using primitive tools with their own hands. Just like these two guys who build a swimming pool without using modern tools.

To these two guys, they don’t need to travel just to makes themselves comfortable under this hot climate. They made a creative DIY (Do-It-Yourself) swimming pool by only using primitive tools with their bare hands featured in the YouTube channel Primitive Builder.

First, started to dig to the ground.

After being satisfied with the depth of the hole they created, the two poured cement to the floor and spread it all over the walls. They just used their hands to apply the cement.

Then, they put small rocks around the edge of the pool.

One of them got sheets of grass and put it on the ground around the pool.

What’s more amazing is that they applied colors around the walls of the pool without using paint at all. One of them just got some flowers and crushed it.

Then they started to fetch water until it was full.

As for finishing touches, they attached a bridge made of bamboo to connect it to the hut in the middle of the pool. The two enjoys their time swimming in the pool they had made.

Resourceful and creative right?

Watch the video below:

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