They Think That This Old Lady Is Crazy And Homeless Until They Learned About Her Story!

She managed to walk more than 300 km with her pets just to find her missing child!

Recently, an old woman went viral on social media after her story was posted on social media. Several locals noticed this old lady walking in the streets with her pets wearing cute clothing and her wearing several layers of clothes in this tropical weather. Because of her appearance and carrying so many belongings, many think that she’s crazy and homeless.

No one gave her attention until one concerned netizen named Sheena Cordova Buquiran spotted her on the highway of Lalaan, San Jose which is around 17 km from Dumaguete. Sheena also thought that she’s crazy because she saw her walking with her pets while carrying her bundle of stuff.

The next day, Sheena spotted her again but this time, she was in Tandayag, Amlan, 10 km away from where she saw her first. Because she was a bit curious, she told her father about her and she even joked that she would wait for her at their home in Tanjay. After several days, her father, Nelson Buquiran spotted the old lady in Tanjay.

Sheena and her family soon learned that the old lady wasn’t crazy. The old lady had gone to Dumaguete to look for her lost child but after weeks of searching, she’s on the way to Bacolod.

Upon posting the plight of the old lady, several netizens commented that they also saw the old lady and thought that she was crazy as well.

The netizens didn’t mention the name of the old lady or the name of her missing child. But the post went viral on social media and we pray that she would find her missing child soon. We also hope that there will be kind people who would extend help, especially in finding her child.

This dedicated mother walked for more than 300 km just to look for her child. This only proves that nothing could ever compare to the affection of a mother for her child.

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