Proud Woman Proves To Everyone Who Doubts Her That She Was Never Wrong With The Course She Took In College.

This woman proves to everyone that doubt her that she was never wrong with the course she took in college.

Johanna Inocencio, a 20-year-old student from University of the Philippines Los Baños(UPLB) receives discrimination from people saying that she has no future, that all she wants in to become a farmer, and that she doesn’t want to get rich. The reason why? She took Agribusiness Management in college.

The lady admitted that she never thinks of taking this course in college and she just follows the footsteps of her older sister who also studied at UPLB. As time goes by, she realized the beauty of the path she takes and she started to love what she learned from it.

In Twitter, Johanna posted:

“Agriculture is not only about farming. Agriculture is sophisticated, as it includes biotechnology, crop modeling, etc., I saw how relevant it is to have professionals in the field of agribusiness.”

The Philippines is “newly industrialized” but we cannot neglect the fact that the sector of Agriculture has a great part in this development. As a matter of fact, half of the Filipino workers came from this industry. But the number of children who got interested in courses associated in this suddenly lowered down.

In 1995, 43% of the students at UPLB enrolled in Agriculture but it lowered down to 4.7% last 2012.

According to research, this course is in the Top 6, given on the choices of the students who enrolled last 2016-2017. The Top 1 is Business (321,324 enrollees,), seconded by Education (740,713), Engineering (448,550), Information Technology (398,765), and Medicine (203,561).

She remembered that one time when she was denounced by one of her professors because she chose this course. That this professor didn’t expect that a lady from Makati, a lady who has been raised in the city would be serious in this kind of activity.

“A professor once told me, ‘How can a girl living in Makati pursue a degree in Agribusiness Management?’To my prof who doubted my choice, I’m finally graduating and I will definitely serve the agribusiness sector here in the Philippines,” her message to the professor because she already graduated.

“You’ll become a farmer after you graduate, they said. I usually hear that with some of my friends here in Makati. I also observed that there was a notion that if you entered this industry, you won’t get anywhere,” Johanna added.

This belief might be the reason why the number of students who got interested in Agribusiness Management lowered down or any course associated with Agriculture.

When she finally graduated, she realized that every child should appreciate the value of agriculture.

“Agriculture and Agribusiness are far more beyond the misconception of being a poor man’s career. This country needs more professionals that will utilize our resources to feed the ever-growing population. I want to make more millennials be engaged in agriculture. I want to pull them into knowing that playing a role in the economy would need them to be involved in agriculture,” she said.

For those students who have doubts in taking this course, this is Johanna’s message.

“Agribusiness industry is one of the smartest career paths to take. Whether you are looking for a company that you fit in with, a competitive salary, or you want to make a difference, the agribusiness sector has a wide variety of jobs to choose from that it is easy to find what suits you best.”

As of writing, the said post garnered 36,000 likes and 2,000 retweets. Many were impressed and inspired by her story.

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