The Farewell Of A Filipina Housemaid in Saudi Arabia Who Serves Her Employer For 33 Years.

This Filipina housemaid finally said her farewell to her employers for 33 years.

Lately, we heard news about OFWs suffer maltreatment from their foreign employers, especially domestic workers. On the brighter side, some OFW is also lucky enough to find a kind-hearted and generous employer that considered them not just their employee but also part of their family.

Like the story of this woman who worked as a housemaid in a family in Saudi Arabia for 33 years.

Upon working, she was tasked to take care of the employer’s children. Eventually, the family grew big, the Filipina housemaid remained dedicated to the family and even took care of the grandchildren.

Posted by a Facebook user El Caballero Y Cuervo, he witnessed and got the chance to document the touching moment.

The video immediately caught the attention of the netizens and became viral, gaining 7,017 shares as of writing.

El Caballero Y Cuervo captioned the post:

“Nagpapaalam na ang isang Filipina OFW sa Middle East na nanilbihan bilang DH sa loob ng 33 na taon . Sya yung nag – alaga sa mga anak at apo ng kanyang amo simula pa ng mga bata sila . Naka wheelchair na po cya . Mabuhay po kayo nay idol ka namin dito.”

“Yung Amo pa niya ang nagtulak sa kanya habang nasa Airport.”

Just when she was about to leave the country for good and be with her loved ones in the Philippines, tears fell as they escort their nanny into the airport.

One by one, her wards went to their nanny and gave her a warm hug, with tears pouring down their cheeks.

“Grabe yung iyakan nila ng kanyang Amo Habang Namamaalam.

“Halos di maalis ang kanilang yakapan para sa kanilang huling pagkikita.”

“Mabuhay po kayo nanay at maraming salamat sa serbesyo mo sa kanila, isa lang ang ibig sabihin nyan na isa kang tunay na huwarang OFW na dapat ipagmalaki sa lahat.”

Working abroad has no certainty. However, as one admirable trait of a Filipino, they will do anything and face any situation for the sake of their family. They are willing to take the risk for the ‘greener pasture’ that working abroad has to offer.

We salute you Nanay!

Watch the touching videos below:

Posted by El Caballero Y Cuervo on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Posted by El Caballero Y Cuervo on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Posted by El Caballero Y Cuervo on Saturday, January 13, 2018

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