Two Young Boys Were Boating When They Saw A Man Drowning, You Will Not Believe What Happened Next!

These two young boys age 9 and 11 were boating when they saw a man drowning and managed to save him.

That day was beautiful and perfect for these two young boys, Herman Tsakhaev, 9 years old, at Bodie Thompson, 11 years old to bond in Walden Pond at Concord, Massachusetts. They first met on June 10 and on that same day, they decided to paddleboard and kayak together.

Sehnaz Thompson, Bodie’s mother set her gaze to her son to guard him. But later, she noticed that the child was coming to the place she forbade.

“I started kind of, like, panicking,” she said to Boston Globe.

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She has no idea that her son and his new friend save someone’s life.

While the two boys were paddling, they noticed a man who seems struggling to swim. Herman said, “He was drowning, I think.” Then the two decided to help him.

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The two boys helped the drowning man and board him to Herman’s kayak. Many praised them for what they did and their heroism to help the man.

They believed that the man has leg cramp that caused him to drown. Herman said, “It happens often. His leg looked very pale.”

Bodie’s mon was surprised after she learned that her son saved someone’s life. “I was like, you just saved someone’s life – that’s incredible,” she said.

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The Concord Fire Department was happy when they arrived at the scene and found out that they saved someone from drowning. Captain Bill Noke said, “When we go down there, it’s not always a great outcome. It’s always nice when we have an outcome like this.”

One of the boys said that whoever be in that situation, they will also help.

Let’s thank these two boys for their heroism who was able to save one’s life.

If you think that heroes always wear costumes or have superpowers, you are wrong. It could be a person who happened to pass by or it could be you.

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