Old Man Narrated The Reason Why He Was Put Behind Bars While Riding A Bus.

This old man narrated the reason why he was put behind bars while riding a bus.

Intention to help is always a good thing and no act of kindness is wasted especially for people who badly need it. Extending help doesn’t have any standards at all and should be out of willingness whether he or she is deserving or not. But what if you encounter an ex-convict that needed help? What would you do?

Just like the story of this ex-convict who has no enough money to pay his fare and thanks to this kind lady who extended help. Aside from that, what really caught the attention of everyone is his story why he was put behind bars. He finally got his freedom for the action he didn’t commit.

One concerned netizen named Angelique Pasion met this newly-paroled man while on her way to school. According to her, the old man went out straight from Davao [Correctional] and Penal Farm, formerly Davao Penal Colony (DaPeCol). The moment he steps onto the bus, he quickly asked the conductor how much the fare is. It seems like he has no enough money but thanks to this concerned netizen who willingly added money for his fare.

Later, the man started to narrate his story about why he ended up in that unfortunate situation. Based on his story, he spent 12 years inside the correctional facility for the action he didn’t commit. He said that he just took the accusation to himself to end the case. Unfortunately, his family has no idea what had happened to him and he was never visited by anyone throughout those years.

Let’s help him pray that he will finally reunite with his family soon and he will arrive there safe and sound.

Read the Facebook post below:

This is a lesson for us to help people regardless of anything. They might not deserve our kindness but the fact that God also showed us mercy and love despite our mistakes and shortcomings, let’s share kindness for free.

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