The Smallest Inhabited Island In The World, Big Enough For One House And One Tree.

This is the World’s Smallest Inhabited Island, only enough for one house and one tree.

In movies, we often see wealthy people owned an island with mansions, wide lawns and landscapes, huge driveway and the such. But did you know famous celebrities like Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Leonardo DiCaprio, Celine Dion, Mel Gibson, Ricky Martin, and Shakira actually owns a private island? Yes, you heard it right!

But we will not be talking about it, but rather, this smallest inhabited island in the world in Alexandria Bay, in the middle of New York and Ontario.

Unlike any other private island, this tiny island located in Alexandria Bay, in the middle of New York and Ontario has no driveway nor a fancy garden. Why? Because this island is only big enough for one house and one tree.

It was hailed as the “world’s smallest island” and was fittingly named, “Just Room Enough Island”. It also became more popular than David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio’s island estates.

According to Variety Trends, this tiny island is considered as one of St. Lawrence River’s 1,864 islands, with only has 3,300 square feet which roughly is the size of a tennis court. It earned a title of “smallest inhabited island” from Bishop Rock, which is double the size of Just Room Enough Island, and only has a lighthouse which is automated since 1982, so no one has to operate it manually.

Formerly, the island is called “Hub Island”, until the Sizelands family bought it and renamed the island. Based on a report, they wanted a gateway to escape the hassle and bustle life in the city so they decided to buy it.

Though the island has a small and limited space, they still enjoy the relaxation view and the peace that take away their stress. The island has only one house and one tree. Also becomes a famous tourist sight especially when ferries and cruises pass by.

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