Police Woman “Went Viral” Because of Her Gorgeous Looks!

In the Philippines or in some other countries, it is rare to see women wearing a police uniform. Primary duties of being a policeman are fighting crimes, protecting fellowmen, and upholding the law which traditionally perceived to be a job only for men. The nature of the job mostly is associated for men and women are often received criticism to be unfit for this kind of job.

However, a policewoman stood her ground against the judgments and proving that she is also capable to do this job. She breaks the boundaries of the belief that women are vulnerable and made a way for aspiring policewomen to choose that path they want to walk through.

PO1 Tin Casaysayan. (Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)

Recently, photos of a policewoman went viral in all social media platforms because aside from the uniform she is wearing, she has beautiful looks and slender figure.

PO1 Tin Casaysayan, the policewoman who caught the attention of the netizen and break the traditional perception about women cops. Her photos were posted on the Facebook page of Ronaldo “Bato” Dela Rosa supporters. The said photos gathered thousands of likes, comments, and mixed reactions with a caption “PNP - Pulis Na Pretty @ ur serbis.”

(Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)
(Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)
(Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)

People’s heart was earned not just because of her pretty face but also her heart to serve and protect her countrymen and the Philippines.

She even made sacrifices such as cutting her hair short to enter the academy. (Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)
(Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)
(Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)

Aside from that, netizens were astonished that she sacrificed things including the cutting of her hair just to be qualified the academy.

(Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)
On her personal social media account, you will see how adventurous woman she is. (Photos from Facebook/Tin Casaysayan)

Therefore, people should stop throwing criticism and mockery to those women who choose to pave this path. Their desire is not just to wear that uniform. As we all know, risk and responsibility are tied up with that uniform. They have the heart to serve the public more than anyone else in the country.

Let’s honor our “magigiting na Policewomen.”

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