Fearless 18-Year Old is Proud of Her Pimple-filled Face!

We’ve been taught not to believe everything we see on social media, especially the pictures posted in Facebook and Instagram. Anyone can get a little help from filters and good ‘ol Photoshop for a truly flawless facade and “Instagrammable” face and body. We have gotten used to seeing the best angles of people that it’s truly refreshing to see someone display her “flawed” appearance and actually proud of it.

18-year old Charisa Debully Francis has a skin that is far from flawless. She has a severe case of acne and if was just any other girl, she would hide her face from the world and not even think of posting pics on social media for everyone to see.

But Charisa is not your typical girl. Not only does she posts pictures, she does so without putting make-up on or applying filters to cover up her complexion.

Because of this, she became a role model for girls who are going through skin problems.

People ask her why she hasn’t gone to a doctor for treatment.

“Many asked me why I did not see a doctor to remove the horrible scars, and I tell them that my parents had spent thousands of ringgit to no effect.”

Charisa, who is a music student, has taken medications for her skin but eventually her doctor advised her to stop because of the adverse effects. She threw up after taking six antibiotic tablets in a single day.

Of course, she also gets hurt when people point out her skin problem.

“It really hurts when people point out these things and make fun of my appearance, but I give it right back to them. Maybe it’s because they don’t understand that pimples can break out due to other factors you can’t control, like hormone imbalances and genetic factors.”

Instead of letting it get to her, she decided to see the bright side of her situation and become an inspiration for others. Now she has 16,000 Instagram followers.

“That’s why I always advise people going through the same thing to always strengthen your relationship with God to get through hard times like this.”

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