This Dad Builds An Amazing 2-Story Playhouse For His Daughters And It Looks So Impressive.

This dad builds an amazing 2-story playhouse for his daughters and it looks so impressive.

Our childhood is full of dreams and imagination. For most young girls, they love to play in a playhouse and dreamed to own one even just small. For most playhouse that only stands for one or two meters tall, this dad made his girls a playhouse that is nothing close to average.

Adam Boyd has two daughters namely Avery, 5 and Violet, 2. Unlike any other girls, these two have the ultimate playhouse ever and it is two-story. This playhouse totally looks like a real abode.

This playhouse has two porches, a playground, a rock climbing wall and a loft. Its walls were also painted in two shades of purple, a darker shade for Avery and a lighter shade for Violet. His daughter’s name huh!

Also, this impressive playhouse has a cute decor with fluffy rugs, sofas, and colorful throw pillows.

This playhouse is most likely an ultimate dream for most children and thanks for their creative dad who made this dream come true. These little girls enjoy playing in this amazing and creative playhouse.

Boyd is the president of Atb Building Inc., a home contracting company that made it so easy for him to build this.

Many were impressed and admired Boyd’s creativity. The playhouse garnered a much positive response which later makes them decided to start a new playhouse business called Spoiled Rotten Homes

Watch the video below:

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