Stewardess Helped A Paralyzed Man During A Flight, Earned Recognition From The Netizens!

This stewardess feeds a paralyzed man during a flight and mesmerized the thousands of online users.

According to, the main duty of a flight attendant is maintaining a safe and secure flight while keeping passengers at ease. Before takeoff, flight attendants ensure the plane is equipped with emergency gear, first-aid kits and enough food and drink for all the passengers. They also greet passengers, take tickets, ensure seat belts are fastened and drill passengers in emergency procedures. If an emergency does occur, flight attendants may direct the evacuation and provide first-aid to the injured.

To make it simple, their job is to assists the passengers of a flight to make them feel comfortable, well taken care of and to make the passengers feel as if the plane was their home.

But recently, an outstanding stewardess took it to another level as she took care of a man named Niu. The man wasn’t able to feed himself because he suffered a stroke that causes his body to be totally paralyzed.

The stewardess named Fan Xuesong was captured kneeling in front of the 71-year old man, feeding him.

Niu was a retired professor who teaches medicine. But because of a serious stroke, he could not teach anymore. She said:

“The old man worked hard all his life, did contribute to society, we should be kind to him.”

According to a report, the flight was heading to the airport in Haikou, China.

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