Woman Didn’t Give Up Despite Her Disability To Help Her Family.

This woman didn’t give up despite her disability to help her family. Her determination on how she does it will surely inspire you!

Since she was only two years old, this woman named Nursamawati Mahmud has been diagnosed his physical illness that causes her hands and feet to fold. The daily activities were almost impossible for her, so she needed more help from her family members. But despite this, she did not give up and was able to help his parents to grow their business. See how she did it.

She spent her time in researching on the internet and using social media to increase their business income. Because of her condition, instead of using her hands, she uses her tongue to use the computer. She wants to promote their products on the internet to increase their income. She also uses Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat to communicate with their customers.

Because of her patience, she was able to sell a lot that reaches about four pieces of product. She was also able to get customers who really go back to their product called ‘Special Sauce’ made by her family. Even though she didn’t have the chance to go to school, her younger siblings still ask her to help them with their assignments.

She is really an energetic, kind and she is willing to do everything to help her parents. According to her parents, they are lucky to have a child like Nursamawati. We hope that her story will inspire all of us in making our business grow and we also wish that their business grow even bigger.

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