Elderly OFW In Hong Kong Works In A Popular Fast Food Restaurant, Amazes Many Netizens!

This elderly OFW in Hong Kong works in a popular fast food restaurant and proves that working has no age limit.

We always consider senior citizens to be incapable of finding a job and often receives discrimination because of their age. The conventional image of an elderly for us is weak, frail and forgetful.

In the Philippines, age is considered in applying for a job and younger workers are mostly hired. So technically, the elderly have no place for employment. Sad to say, companies and establishment often hire people based on their educational attainment rather the years of experience of older workers. This mentality often leads to discrimination against old workers.


However, a grandma recently breaks the stereotype of being a senior citizen.

One Facebook user posted the story of this elderly who works at the Jollibee in Hong Kong. Her story caught the attention of many especially the Filipino community, expressing their admiration towards the old woman.

Despite her age, she is able to work as a waitress which only proves that not all elderly are frail and weak. The netizen also praised the fast food restaurant for having no age limit for people who want to work for a living.

The netizen also mentioned to her post that the reason why our countrymen decide to leave the country and work abroad is that they were enslaved in their own country. You are often judged as lazy and has no future when in fact, there’s no work available for everyone.

In 2016, DOLE issued the RA 10911 or also known as the “Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act”, employers are prohibited from hiring workers based on age. We hope that this will open opportunity for elders to have a job, especially those who wanted to have a job. This act will allow you to file a report and sue the employer or the company you are applying to if you receive discrimination.

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