Disabled Man Spent Three Years Carving A Road Single-Handedly

63-year-old Melethuveettil Sasi who can barely walk and move his right hand spent three years of his life digging a 200-meter dirt road through a hill in front of his house using only basic tools single-handedly, so he could finally support his family again.

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Sasi has never even heard the story of Dashrath Manjhi, the famous Mountain Man of Bihar, who spent two decades carving a road through a mountain with just chisels and hammers, but he managed a very similar feat.

Since he was 15-years-old, Sasi used to work as a coconut tree climber. But one day, 18 years ago, something went wrong during a routine climb and he fell to the ground from high up. The right side of his body was paralyzed, and months went by before he was able to move his limbs again. His sons had to quit school in order to work and support the family, while their father was confined to a bed.

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“I was good at climbing trees, but that day, somehow I slipped. One side of my body was paralyzed. My legs and hands were broken. I spent days and months in bed, not even able to move,” Sasi recently told The News Minute. “It took years for me to even be able to stand up. But I wanted to walk somehow. So I slowly taught myself to walk.”

After years of treatments and physiotherapy, Melethuveettil Sasi was able to walk again and regain some control over his right hand and would never climb a coconut tree again. One day came up with the idea of buying a three-wheeled scooter that he could ride to the nearby city of Thiruvananthapuram to sell lottery tickets to sustain his family’s needs. All he needed was some financial support from the local authorities but it was left unanswered.

(Source: EliteReaders)

“I never thought about when I would finish the work. I was just determined to have a road. Every day, I would begin my work at 5 am, then stop at around 8.30am when the day began to get hot, and resume the work at around 3.30pm or 4 pm in the evening and work till the sun went down,” Sasi recalled.

After years of struggle, rejection, being laughed, and having no help from the local authorities, there’s still a happy ending for Sasi and his family. As a gift, people on the internet pitched in and were able to buy a three-wheeled scooter for the poor man.

“There is an electrical pole in the way that has to be removed to complete the road to my house,” Sasi said. “There is only few meters of work left. All the rest is done.”

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