This What The 75-Year-Old Man Did After He Isolated Himself To A Cave For 25 Years.

After secluding himself in the cave for 25 years, this is what the 75-year-old man came up with that will completely amaze you!

In this fast-paced world, people are trying to jive into how the world moves and the way it works. People are getting more creative, becoming more skilled and acquire more knowledge to make our lives easier and efficient. However, this 75 years old man decided to isolate himself in a cave and get away from the hassle and bustle of urban living. And after 25 years, this what he made.

A 75-year-old man from Mexico spent his 25 years, secluding himself in a cave together with his pet dog. But no one knows what he’s up for until recently.

Many were left speechless after seeing this masterpiece of Ra Paulette who has been walking in the desert in New Mexico with his dog to create this.

What’s this masterpiece?

For 25 years, the self-taught artist spent most of his time carving the sandstone cave he found, only using hand tools and a wheelbarrow. The very cave was turned into a wonderful work of art. How amazing is that!

He said that his masterpiece is not for money but rather, to create an environment that would inspire “spiritual renewal and personal well being.” He created this not to earn money but to inspire.

Once it is finished, the cavern will be used as an avenue to hold artistic events. He described his cave art as “Wilderness shrines”. The whole cave has massive in scale with dramatic features and poetic designs.

His most ambitious and largest artwork called Luminous Caves has a value of US$ 2 million.

Watch the video below:

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