Inspiring Security Guard Who Help A Job Applicant To Look Presentable!

It seems like this job applicant is not informed about the proper dress code in applying for a job. However, he was saved by a kind security guard.

In case you don’t know, applying for a job also needs a presentable look. It is better to be overdressed than to be underdressed especially when applying for an office position.

Sad to say, not all can afford to buy a proper attire to get a good impression and finally hired in a job. This applicant, in particular, can’t afford to buy shoes. But thank God, an angel came to the rescue!

A kind security guard recently went viral on social media after helping a job applicant to look presentable.

The netizen who shared the story was also one of the applicants who witnessed the heartwarming scenario. Greatly impressed by the security guard, he took a several snapped to share it on social media.

It was shared on the Facebook page Headlines SA PINAS where the netizen narrated that this particular applicant arrived at the company and told the guard that he was there to pass his medical requirements. But the fact that the company observed proper dress code, the applicant is not allowed to enter the facility because he was wearing slippers.

Instead of telling the guys to wear a proper outfit and come back to the office, this kindhearted guard offered him his own shoes. The guard knows that this would be too much hassle for the job applicant and could mean spending money on the fare, or he has no money at all.

He immediately took off his shoes and lend it to the young man. He then goes back to his post wearing the guy’s slippers.

As expected, it immediately went viral on social media. Many netizens praised the kind action of the guard and for giving the young man the chance to finally land on a job.

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