You Think This Is Just A Mere Cave Until You See What’s Inside!

Because of technology, most of us now lived in a fairly comfortable home and we’ve long passed the era of living in huts and caves. Technology is making our lives easier, giving us easy access to water, electricity and its product such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and a lot more.

Years ago, the 37-year-old successful businessman named Angelo Mastropietro from Australia decided to give up living in his modern home and move into a cave that is millions of years old.

According to HOT, Mr. Mastropietro spent eight months single-handedly transforming the old hobbit hole in the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire into a 21st-century man cave, Now, the cave has all of the comforts a person ask for, including running water, underfloor heating, and Wi-Fi.

The former recruitment boss was inspired to buy the cave after being diagnosed with MS at the age of 29, a catalyst which forced him to rethink his high-flying career and the stress and unhealthy lifestyle that came along with it.

He recalled that during this time, 250 million-year-old cave that he had seen 10 years earlier when he was seeking shelter from a rainstorm, writes the Daily Mail. Initially, the cave didn’t seem fit for living. But after putting time, energy, and money into it, Angelo had finally perfected his dream home.

‘It’s in a beautiful location, it’s uplifting, it makes you feel good, it’s very relaxing. While you are a mile from the nearest pub or supermarket, you’re a thousand miles back in history.’

For 300 years, was abandoned in the late 1940s and has been falling into disrepair ever since and the cave has been in its current four-bedroom form

It is part of a row of caves considered to be the oldest inhabited rock houses in the whole of Europe which archaeological architects believe it was around in its earliest form nearly 800 years ago.

Let’s take a quick tour inside this luxury cave house:





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