Chinese Paralyzed Man Proves That True Love Is Real!

This Chinese handicapped man finds his true love after live streaming his daily life.

A man who is paralyzed from the waist down never thought that one day he would meet the love of his life through one of his live streaming shows. He is now happily married to his wife who is also one of his avid fans!

Hao who came from Jize County’s Huanggou Village in Handan, North China met his wife, Fu Chengjun through one a live streaming platform in February 2017

“After following him online for some time, I found him to be a strong and optimistic person. We gradually fell in love with him,” Fu said

The couple eloped in Hao’s hometown to avoid local custom of which Hao was supposed to give betrothal gifts to his wife’s family in exchange for a wedding. They then decided to settle down there where they live with their two children, each from their previous relationships.

The couple make a living through live streaming which Hao uses as a platform to inspire other people who are also handicapped like him

Hao was badly injured in an incident at a construction site which resulting in him being paralyzed from waist to down in May 2014. The incident left him with muscular atrophy in his legs and he was unable to work for a long time as he could only lie in his bed after the incident.

After the tragic incident, his girlfriend left him in September 2014 and he has not heard from her ever since.

Fortunately, he found a new way to earn a living. With just a handphone and a stand, Hao streams most of his daily routine online including his rehabilitation exercise and also sings to his viewers during his free time.

His channel has garnered over 70,000 followers which most of them are handicapped men. The couple also conducts business online on WeChat, selling products such as towels and underwear.

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