Teenager Shared Rude Experience After A Guy Blamed Her Father For Her Tanned Skin!

In this world full of critics and judgemental people, we can always expect that they will point what’s wrong with you and define you because of that. Well, it is not a surprise because no matter how you wanted to find favor and please them, one small mistake could change their perception of you.

A young lady from Batu Pahat, Malaysia shared her bad experience with a rude who asks her father for how many times why he allowed her to get so tanned. This rude guy also added that her daughter will not be able to have a boyfriend because of that.


The young lady posted her not-so-good experience on Facebook. She wrote:

“Does having tanned skin mean that no one will like you? Is the person who’s going to be my future partner just going to care about my looks and not my inner beauty?”

According to her World of Buzz, she was helping her father gather scrap metal from different factories. Whenever she accompanies her father, some guys whom she referred to as ‘uncles’ from the factories ask her father, “Why do you bring your daughter out in the sunlight to get tanned?” which they often ignore because she loves helping her father and doesn’t seem to mind being tanned at all.

When she was with her father in a factory located in Parit Besar, they again encountered a guy who asked the same question in front of everybody.

“Aren’t you afraid that no one would want to marry her next time?” he said.

She noticed that her father was deeply hurt upon hearing this rude guy’s question.

“I had helped my father since I was in Primary 6 and I am actually very blessed and happy that I am able to do so. His health has been deteriorating so I try to spend as much time as I can with him so I won’t have any regrets in the future,” she explained.

Many netizens reacted and expressed their support with this lady regarding his tanned complexion.

Having a tan or darker skin doesn’t matter as long as your inner beauty shines and cover those physical imperfections.

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