Gold Digger Ended Up Falling In Love With An Man Twice Her Age.

We already heard storied about gold diggers who received a well-deserve ending. However, no one ever believed in the ending of the story of this gold digger who eventually fell in love with the man twice her age. It seems that the 23-year-old Anna Fuller and 47-year-old Rob Hunter found a pretty nice ending to their story.

Anna was a teacher while Rob is an accountant. On Anna’s 17th birthday, she met Rob at a bar. That’s the first time when he caught her eye and Anna entertained him. But Anna is only after Rob’s money so she started out as nothing more than a gold digger when she first paid the man attention.

Unexpectedly, Anna started to develop real feeling for the man as she found out that he offered so much more than just money and security.

“At first it was about the money for me, as I was a young teenager who grew up in a pretty low-class family and I was used to being spoiled and getting whatever, I wanted regardless, so in my head, the thought of an older man with security fit the bill – no pun intended.”

“After getting to know him, I decided I had serious feelings for him too and I think it was mainly because he let me be the loud, obnoxious teenager I was and accepted that about me; dealing with all my issues and problems like they were his.”

Despite Anna’s real love for the man, she first viewed Rob as her source of funds and nothing more. She had had to accept judgment from a lot of people, including her own family:

“At first my family lost their minds. They were livid and the only person I had that accepted us from the start was my grandma and she passed away in January 2016.”

Unfortunately, her family wasn’t still supportive of their relationship. After solid years of dating, the two finally got engaged May this year. Luckily, they didn’t encounter many problems as far as Rob’s two kids from a previous marriage are concerned.

Like any other couple, they disagree about things like disciplining the kids and splitting of house chores. This only means that their relationship isn’t different from others and the fact that they have more than two decades in age difference.

Anna said that the younger half of the couple is not always a gold digger.

“The younger spouse isn’t always in it for the money. There are a lot of other factors and situations that play out that make the money not worth it – if a partner has more money, that’s not always the case,” Anna explained.

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