Homeless Woman With Mental Disability Refused To Give Away Her Newly Born baby!

This homeless woman with mental disability refused to give away her newly born baby.

There is no limit to the love of a mother even though she experienced hardships and suffered difficulties in raising her children.

Recently, a homeless woman with a mental disability who just gave birth to her baby boy was spotted doing everything to take care of him despite her disability and lack of proper living.

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Though she’s struggling, she still wants to take care and raise her child.

In today’s modern era, infants born out of unwanted pregnancies are abandoned. But there’s one mother who didn’t think once to give up her child despite the hardships she had ever experienced.

Source: Inday Trending

According to the woman, her child has given her life a meaning and she will do everything to raise the child in her care.

Source: Inday Trending

A concerned netizen named Honey Stepie posted pictures of the woman and her baby after birth on Facebook. The picture shows the woman who enjoys watching her offspring sleep.

Meanwhile, the location where the woman lives is still unclear but the post is clear that it is from the Philippines.

Source: Inday Trending

The internet post has been spreading and became viral. Many netizens have been concerned about the condition of the baby due to the condition of the mother and the concern that it can’t improve the well-being of the child properly.

Source: Inday Trending

Let’s pray for the child’s mother to get enough support and help to grow and care for her child. We hope that this would cause her recovery as it was a real blessing from heaven.

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