OFW Dad Surprise His Two Kids, Make Netizens Cry!

An OFW father recently returned home and his kids have no idea that he had something on his mind. A tear-jerking moment was recorded and uploaded on Facebook by a certain man named Jecjec Batalla. The said video caught the attention of the netizens and reach thousands of online user overnight.

Image: Facebook

In the video, a girl and a younger boy were seen playing an arcade game in an amusement area at the mall. Out of nowhere, a tall man wearing a jacket, cargo pants, cap, sunglasses, and a face mask was standing behind them. The two didn’t seem to mind him because they might think that he was just a random bystander.

Image: Facebook

Moments later, the man decided to sit down beside the young boy. This time, the child became curious and stared back at the man who was sitting too close to him. While he appeared to confuse, his sister could be seen smiling, like she already got the feeling that it was their dad.

Image: Facebook

The boy’s eyes were enlightened and he knew it was his dad. He let out a big smile and exchange a look with his sister. They both stared at each other, thinking what they should do. Then, the man took off the mask, as if he was cherishing the genuine beam on his kid’s innocent faces.

Image: Facebook

After he did so, the children’s reaction was priceless. The boy couldn’t help but jump off and give his father a big hug. Shortly, his sister joined them and it was a beautiful scene to see.

Image: Facebook

The Facebook post is still making waves on social media, garnering over 14,000 mixed reactions, 8,300 shares, and 2,400 comments.

Watch the video below:

Surprising my two kids.#buhayOFW

Posted by Jecjim Batalla on Saturday, January 27, 2018

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