Ex-BF Wrote A Poem For His Ex-GF, Make Every Reader Cry!

This lengthy and heart-melting poem was written for his ex-GF because of this reason.

If you are a fan of reading books and poems, this article is for you. This is not just a mere poem written for no one and to satisfy the reader’s soul, however, this is addressed to someone he loves, someone who is part of his past.

As you read through this 10-paragraph poem, you will definitely attest that the purpose is not to impress. Rather, reminiscing the harmonious relationship with a girl in the past, but they were not meant for each other.

The poem read:

Source: Facebook/DeLa SalleUniversity-DasmariñasSecretFiles

Can you hear the heart speaking the words? If you do, you can prove that this poem is made from the bottom of someone’s heart.

I think the author had moved on and is happy with what they have with his ex-girlfriend right now. I assume that the only reason he wrote this is to show how he loves the girl when they are together and is happy with what they have together now.

What can you say about the poem? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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