6-Year-Old Boy Earn Millions On YouTube Per Year By Doing Online Reviews!

Is it possible for a 6-year-old boy to earn millions at a very young age? Is it possible to earn and be paid for what you love and fun to do? Just read the story of this 6-year-old boy who earns millions on YouTube every year.

Nowadays, children are typically thinking nothing but to play with various toys and gadgets. Who would have thought that a 6-year-old boy would earn millions by doing what he loves to do?

Ryan ToysReview, a family-run YouTube channel started in March 2015. The 6-year-old online host becomes a YouTube star and now a multi-millionaire who generated $11 million in pretax in 2017. The young YouTuber is featured in Forbes ‘annual list of highest-earning YouTube celebrities and earned the 8th place. This is probably the highest earning any 6-year-old could ever be made.

The YouTube channel earned millions of subscriber, both parents and kids all around the world. Ryan was only 4-year-old when his channel started, who was a fan of toy-review video, asking his parents why he couldn’t also make his own. In July 2015, his video reviewing a “GIANT EGG SURPRISE” with over a hundred toys from Pixar’s “Cars” series went viral and made him popular.

Moreover, Ryan also makes commentary videos on kids’ food products and kid-friendly establishments.

The 6-year-old boy millionaire is guided by his parents that make him safely enjoy doing his online reviews and provide honest insights on his experiences. If you are one of his viewers, you often see him just enjoying playing with new toys, trying out new food, going toy shopping, or visiting kid-friendly places. You would also hear his parents in the background and sometimes join him in front of the camera too.

According to Verge, the channel’s viewership translates to about $1 million a month in advertising revenue alone. Today, the Ryan ToysReview YouTube channel frequently releases videos for its whopping 10 million subscribers.

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