Inspiring Story Of A Woman Cared For 30 Babies She Found In Garbage!



This garbage woman cared for 30 babies she found in the garbage.

A garbage woman named Lou Xiaoying picked up and cared for 30 babies abandoned on the Jinhua road in China. The 88-year-old woman lives only with the picking and selling of garbage. He was considered a hero after his internet story became viral.

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She and her husband took care four of these children and adopted some of the good families they knew. Lou is recognized as a hero because of her heart to pick up and cared for those children whom parents abandoned.

Lou and his husband pass away 17 years ago who have raised and nurtured these children as theirs.

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The youngest of her adoptive was Zhang Qilin who is now seven years old whom she found in a trash when she was 82. Lou said:

“Even though I was already getting old, I could not simply ignore the baby and leave him in the trash. He looked so sweet and needy. I had to take him home with me.”
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Shee rescued the boy and cared for on their little shack. This boy who was found by Lou seven years ago and now under the care of her older children. The couple only earned scantily but they are able to save these little angels. Lou said:

“The whole thing started when I found the first baby, a little girl back in 1972 when I was out collecting rubbish. She was just lying among the junk on the street, abandoned”
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Lou realized that she really loved these abandoned children and it gives strange feeling in her heart when these angels had come in their lives. According to her, all children need love and asked what kind of parents who can afford to leave and abandon their children.

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Lou’s biological daughter, Zhang Caiying, 49, is now caring for these abandoned children because Lou is old enough to do so.

Her generosity spread all over China where thousands of children are thrown and abandoned by their parents due to poverty.

Read the comments of the netizens below:

“She is shaming the government, schools and people who stand by and do nothing. She has no money or power but she saved children from worse.”

“In the local community, she is well known and well respected for her work with the abandoned babies. She does her best. She is a local hero. But unfortunately, there are far more abandoned babies in China who have no hope for survival.”

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Now, Lou is bedridden in the hospital and became truly iconic and admired throughout China.

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